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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  February 26, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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cemetary. tonight, a hells angel in police custody. how and wh . on the run since october, after a murder in a cemetery. tonight, a hell's angel in police custody. how and where he was caught. a deadly night in what used to be the safest largest city in the country. what happened when a bar fight got out of control. american troops under attack in afghanistan. how demonstrators are fighting against the burning of islam's most holy book. good evening. i'm ann notarangelo. he has been wanted for months, accused of killing a fellow hells angel at a funeral. tonight, the suspected gunman is finally in custody in the bay area. don knapp, on how investigators got their big break in the case. >> reporter: san jose police arrested hells angel murder suspect stephen ruiz in fremont
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around 7:30 last night. a guest at the hotel says he heard voices in the hall and looked through the peep hole in his door. >> i couldn't see anything at first, but they were telling somebody to crawl down the hallway towards them, which then i saw the guy, a guy come crawling up the hall and actually went past my door. i could still see his feet. they cuffed him and took him and there was another lady that they told to crawl down the hallway us a well. >> reporter: ruiz was booked on a single charge of murder. he's been on the run since october 15th, following the shooting death of another hells angel, steve towson for the killing of another hells angel, pettigrew, who was president of the hells angel chapter. >> day before yesterday, some of our detectives came in early evening, worked about 28 hours straight and they had what they believed to be a very good lead, that this suspect ruiz was actually local and they believed that he was in the city of
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fremont. >> reporter: sergeant jason dwyer says police were surprised to learn that ruiz ended up in san jose. >> this is a guy who has been on the run, bouncing around from place to place, city to city since october. it's ironic he didn't flee very far. he committed a crime in san jose and was located in an area that was 10 minutes away by freeway. >> reporter: the high profile case became a major focus of department detectives and the covert response unit, says dwierks putting pressure on officers trying to solve san jose's 38 other homicides last year. >> there was a huge concern about safety. ruiz was considered armed and dangerous. he had committed a murder with a firearm. obviously when the officers brief for a case like this, that is talked about. they are told not to relax, not to become complacent. >> reporter: but the end came peacefully. >> they surrounded the days inn motel, called him. he basically came out and surrendered without incident. >> reporter: there may be other arrests if police can find those
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who may have been helping ruiz avoid capture for the past four months. >> don, thank you. one man dead tonight, three others wounded in two separate shootings in san jose. one of the shootings stems to appear from a bar fight that went terribly wrong. three men were shot outside carlos goldstein's bar on murphy avenue around 12:45 this morning. one man died at the hospital, while the other two were treated for gunshot wounds. this is san jose's fifth homicide of the year. >> on its face, it appears to be just a bar brawl gone bad. we know there was a fight, a physical fight. we know it spilled outside the bar, and at one point, one of the persons in one of the groups produced a handgun and opened fire and hit three people. >> earlier in the night, a man was treated for nonlife threatening injuries at the hospital after being shot on chen street. police are looking for shooters in both crimes. police are asking for your help in finding a man responsible for a deadly hit and run crash in san francisco. around 3:30 this morning, a car ran a red light at the
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intersection of battery and california streets and hit a lincoln town car. the driver of the town car was killed. the san francisco medical examiner has identified him as 65-year-old constantine pernesky from san francisco. >> i don't have any specifics as to what the signals, whether it was flashing or it was functioning as normally during that time of the incident at this point. >> the wanted driver was last seen running from the crash site. crews had to work quickly to rescue two people from an early morning house fire in san rafael. flames were coming out of the roof of the two-story home on lincoln boulevard around 5:15 this morning. it took crews only 20 minutes to put it out. no one was hurt. the exact cause of the fire is not yet known, but firefighters believe it started on a deck where someone had been doing some cooking. so while we were sleeping, gas prices inched up again. the price of a gallon of regular
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unleaded increased an average 2 cents in california overnight. that's according to aaa. the statewide average is now up to $4.28. prices have gone up just about every day all month. a week ago, it was $4.02. a month ago, $3.73. at this time last year, california drivers paid about $3.70. governor brown addressed the issue on meet the press this morning. >> we have a real problem here. we're not going to solve it in the short-term, but long-term, fuel efficient cars, electric cars, california will have a million of them in the next eight years, and mass transit and land use policies that minimize reliance on fossil fuel. >> california drivers pay well above the national average of $3.69 a gallon. the deadly violence and unrest in afghanistan is nearly a week old. today, protesters, angry over the burning of the quran by americans, targeted an attacked a u.s. military base. drew levenson shows us what
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happened. >> reporter: demonstrators took to the streets for a sixth day in afghanistan, still furious american troops burned the quran on a u.s. air base. sunday, protesters lobbed grenades at an american base in the northern part of the country. seven international troops were injured, and two afghanys were killed. saturday, a u.s. major and lieutenant colonel were shot at point blank range, inside what was supposed to be one of the most secure areas of a government ministry. the killer is still on the loose. the outrage stems from what nato insists was an accident. copies of the muslim holy book were burned as trash at bagram airfield. president obama, u.s. military officials, and now secretary of state hillary clinton have all apologized. >> we are condemning it in the strongest possible terms, but we also believe that the violence must stop. >> reporter: afghan president hamid karzai also called for
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restraint. corporal timothy conrad and -- they died thursday in eastern afghanistan, an area where bourne had told his wife soldiers had not fired a shot in more than a year. >> we thought if there is such a thing as a safe place in afghanistan, maybe that's where he's at. >> reporter: a spokesman for the international force says despite the tensions, it will continue to stand by its afghan partners and not let these clashes divide the coalition. drew levenson, cbs news. it was supposed to begin tomorrow, the trial for the nation's worst offshore oil disaster where billions of dollars are at stake. why the trial has now been delayed. rick santorum, a force to be reckoned with in michigan. the group that's pushing santorum ahead in the polls over mitt romney. how romney thinks he can still win. . and after what was a beautiful, balmy week last week, it is time for the big chill.
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and tonight, heavenly bodies, quite a show going on. we'll tell you about it in a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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worst offshore oil disasterl
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not start tomorrow as . a federal trial over the nation's worst offshore oil disaster will not start tomorrow as planned. it will be delayed a week. the reason, a judge wants to allow more time for settlement talks between bp and the committee overseeing scores of lawsuits. among other things, the trial will determine the penalties bp and other companies need to pay for the oil spill. billions of dollars are at stake. eleven workers were killed in the april 2010 rig disaster. hundreds of millions of gallons of oil poured across the gulf of mexico. to campaign 2012, it's shaping up to be a two-man race in michigan. mitt romney wants to carry his home state and regain his frontrunner status. as danielle nottingham reports, rick santorum is hoping religious conservatives will help him pull off an upset. >> reporter: sunday morning at cedar street church in holt, michigan is filled with music
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and praise. n]♪ >> reporter: for these conservative christians, their faith has a heavy influence on their politics. jennifer gunther is following the republican presidential race closely. rick santorum is her candidate. >> he stands for family values, which is very important to our family. >> reporter: santorum's appeal to evangelical voters helped push him to the top of the polls in michigan. mitt romney, who was once the favorite in his home state, now finds himself struggling to connect with michigan's conservative voters. charles mercer says he can't identify with romney and admires santorum's positions on social issues. >> i realize that he sounded a lot like me in a few ways. >> reporter: romney admits he has little time to make up a lot of ground here in michigan, but says he expects to come away with a victory tuesday. the former massachusetts governor shrugged off criticism that he is out of touch with republican voters. >> you know, when i got into this race, there were a lot of guys in the race, other have
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come and gone. i've got more votes in this race than anyone so far. >> reporter: romney said a win in marquette could shake up the race. >> you could tee it up, right here in michigan. you can change this race right here in michigan. >> reporter: both candidates will spend the next 48 hours crisscrossing the state they know could be a turning point in the race to take on president obama in november. danielle nottingham, cbs news, lansing michigan. arizona is also holding a primary contest on tuesday. its governor, jan brewer today threw her support behind mitt romney. newt gingrich is not competing in michigan or arizona, but hopes for a strong showing in georgia and other states on super tuesday. ct to quality . we've been without insurance for about three years. >> struggling to get affordable healthcare. how thousands were able to connect to quality benefits and how you can, too.
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and if you're headed out around the bay area tonight, we're already increasing clouds. it's going to be chilly tonight. winds will pick up as well and the temperatures as you head out in the next few hours, mostly in the mid to upper 40s. and those clouds are in advance low pressure. we'll refresh your memory after a break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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more people - for one reasor . well, as the debate over healthcare continues this election year, more people for one reason or another are going without healthcare coverage. today, a push in the bay area to get people the resources they
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need. anne makovec shows us how the event offered care and convenience. it's the tell-tale nervous face of someone about to get a shot. >> it's really exciting actually. >> reporter: for people that don't have health coverage, it is. >> last time i got one, we had to wait in line for, like, two hours to get a flu shot. it's really easy this way. >> reporter: molly kennedy is 17 and her mom is an independent seam stress. >> we've been without insurance for about three years. >> reporter: right around the time her business started slowing down. >> i was with kaiser for almost 30 years, and it was almost $700 a month. we just held our breath. >> reporter: today, they came to this we connect event, a one-stop shop hooking people up with services from food stamps to tax help, to healthcare. >> and ultimately the goal is for people not to rely on public health programs, but we are seeing that employers, for whatever reason, are dropping their coverage to their employees and we're seeing the need for these programs more and
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more. >> reporter: luckily for sherry mcdonald, she's starting to see her customers more and more, too. >> they have been hunkering down long enough, deciding to do a little something now. >> there's hope! >> there's hope! it's coming back. >> reporter: organizers expected about 2000 people to come here looking for help of some sort today. and about 50 to 100 families getting signed up for health insurance. in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. m was star . you can find out more information about the program by logging on to we the program was started by former california first lady maria shriver for health and financial services. meteorologist brian hackney joining us now, and yes, we all felt that shift in the weather. it is markedly cooler today than yesterday. >> just remind me, did i predict that warming trend last week? >> yes, you did. oh, that hurt. >> just checking. and it is going to be cooling down this week. we might even get a drop or two of rain. the sun will be setting in 12
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minutes, and when it does, and you can see this live view from mount vaca, a little bit of sun, high clouds. behind the high clouds, there's a beautiful crescent moon that will be in the western sky and right to the left of it, maybe you saw it last night, there are two bright looking stars next to the crescent moon. they are not stars. they are planets. tonight, just to the left of the moon will be the planet jupiter. and below that, gleaming in the western sky is venus. so if you get a chance, skies clear enough, which they should do a little later, have a look. it's beautiful. and your kids, unforgettable sight. for early in the morning, temperatures in the 40s, partly cloudy skies as you head to work and there could be a few sprinkles around the south bay. as the day progresses, it also looks as if things could -- [ laughter ] my button's not working. isn't that terrible when your button doesn't work. watch this. it will now. temperatures around the bay area, mostly in the 50s. 53 degrees at santa rosa.
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50 at livermore. 56 at fairfield. and in san francisco at the moment, it is 48, under mostly cloudy skies, all being ushered into the bay area by low pressure that is spinning out in the eastern pacific. that low is going to kick inlandover central and southern california. so more of the rain focused from monterrey bay south. on the top side, we could get a few showers later in the day, not amounting to much. temperatures will come down and it's going to be on the chilly side. snow level down to about 2000 feet. we start out with clouds, then go to scattered clouds, and later in the day tomorrow, at least it's forecasting the chance for a few showers, especially in the south bay. so expect things to be chilly tomorrow. it's going to be cold, and then maybe a little bit wet. but it's not going to amount to much. in the extended forecast, we'll be expecting things to cool down. i don't know what's wrong with this thing, but we expect another chance of rain to be coming in on wednesday and then thursday and friday.
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saturday and sunny, guess what? >> sunny. >> you got it. middle of the week rain chance. >> thank you very much. we've noted that. i'll check in with you next sunday to tell you you were right. >> probably. spring training, kim? >> dennis is down in arizona and he had a chance to sit down with manny ramirez, a changed man. he found religion, and he talks about his second chance with the a's, and just when you thought the sharks' road trip couldn't get worse, the coach leaves early. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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sizemore will have to wait l . a's third baseman scott sizemore will have to wait until tomorrow to take an mri to determine the severity of the knee sprain he suffered during yesterday's workout. with more from phoenix, here's dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: the a's are still dealing with third baseman scott sizemore's injury. they don't yet know the extent of that injury. i spoke with bob melvin today. >> are you cautiously optimistic? >> i really don't know what to expect. i certainly hope. i mean, this is a great kid who works very hard. we expected big things out of him this year, still do hopefully, and, you know, i feel for the individual first and for most, because of the quality of the individual he is and the type of work that he puts in for us and certainly the contributions he gave us last year, as well as what we expect this year. >> reporter: sizemore is not able to play, if that is a significant knee injury. josh donaldson could be the a's starting third baseman. meanwhile, manny ramirez sat
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down with me. here's a look at what's coming up tonight on game day. >> what do you think you still have left? >> i still could play, and what i could sit here and tell you that i could play, but i got to go out there and prove it. >> 50-game suspension, is that suspension ending on your birthday? >> i don't know. i haven't checked. i'm just blessed that at least i could stay and stay in the spring and play every day. >> when is your birthday? >> may 30th. >> that's the end of the suspension. >> thanks for telling me. i didn't know! >> reporter: you'll get the whole interview tonight on game day at 11:30. dennis o'donnell, now back to kim. >> thanks, dennis. nascar season kicked off with its super bowl, the daytona 500, but mother nature didn't get the memo. it rained most of the day at daytona for the first time in its 54-year history, and the race has been postponed. danica patrick will make her official sprint cup day beurre tomorrow morning, weather
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permitting. golf now, rory mcilroy would move to number one in the world if he wins the match play championship. in the semifinals, westwood's drive at 13 goes into the gallery, landing in the back of a woman's shirt. he lost to mcilroy, 3-1. hunter mayhem met him in the final. mahan at par 3 clears the bunker and takes a nice roll toward the pin. that starts a string of three straight holes that he wins for a lead and never gives back. mahan goes on to beat mcilroy 2-1, his fourth career win, two coming in world golf championship events. this title is worth $1.4 million. former shark hosting his former teammates in minnesota. san jose's nine-game road trip finally came to an end. couldn't wait to get on the plane. less than 4 minutes in, a scary sight in the second period.
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sharks coach todd mcclellan was clipped by a stick, taken down. he was taken to the locker room and is reportedly alert. minnesota scores twice in just over a minute. former sharks jed ortmeyer. sharks lose. cal is no longer in the driver's seat to win the pac-12. the bears stumbled this afternoon in boulder. nobody had it worse than juarez gutierrez, missing all seven of his shots, held scoreless in 33 minutes. colorado didn't look like anything like the team that got blown out on thursday by stanford. colorado wins 70-57, meaning the bears are now a half game behind washington. college baseball, top 10 showdown this weekend, all stanford. the cardinal score 13 runs in the fourth against texas.
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second ranked stanford meets number 7 texas for the first time ever, 15-1. the cardinal are 7-0 to start the season. looking for jobs in indianapolis, terrell owens was in texas making his indoor football debut last night. he caught three passes, all for touchdowns. alan wrangler beat wichita 50-30. t.o. is not just a player, also a part owner of the team. but he is only a player when they are at home. he does not go on the road unless there is incentive given by the opposing team. >> sounds like him. >> all about the money. >> thank you much. coming up at 6:30, a warning for people on the peninsula. what police are calling the mo for burglars targeting palo alto homes. 79 years ago today, ground was broken. today, much of that history was put on display. what went into building a bay area landmark at 6:30. that's it for eyewitness news at 5:30. see you back here in half an hour, and then of course at 10:00 and 11:00.
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have a good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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